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How we help members with the music

Once you join the Society, there are all kinds of ways we have to help you with the singing and the music.

  • All sheet music is provided free of charge, and returned at the end of the concert for that season.

  • Not all the members read music, it isn't a requirement. On our private Members' web page of this website, we provide rehearsal tracks for the various parts; soprano, alto, tenor and bass. A lot of members, when practicing at home, find it useful to play a track through speakers and read the music at the same time. 

  • We provide links to very useful websites that help with the parts and finding the notes. For example Cyberbass, which is free to use.

  • We also provide links to performances of the particular songs we are singing, so members can hear what it sounds like as a full choir performance.

  • We record each rehearsal and put the recordings on the members' page a day or two later; that's really useful if someone misses a rehearsal and wants to catch up.

  • We also record our concerts, as of 2023, which again are on the members' pages. For copyright reasons we don't make them available to non-members .



Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7.30 from January to April and September to December.
We meet at St Francis Church Hall, Woolbrook Road, Sidmouth EX10 9XB

When the concert's been sung and the dust settled, it only remains for the "Rubbing Out Social" where we all get together with our erasers to remove all the pencil marks on the music, ready for the next people who need to use it. 

This is also the time when we relax as a community, enjoy some food and drink and chat about what went right and what not so right.

This is what we're about.

Our Story

Sidmouth Choral Society has been going since 1856, the year that Big Ben first chimed, although we don't think we have any of the original members still with us.  

In that time, we've performed the staple choral repertoire authentically and developed this to find ways to keep the works as fresh and exciting in the 21st Century as they were in the 16th. 

Choosing what we sing is very much a whole-choir operation and therefore we always sing works that we enjoy.

Not only this, but we have the joy and privilege of working with professional soloists and supporting new and emerging musicians right at the start of their careers.

166 years on and we're still as fresh as when we started.


Traditional roots, music we love to sing that people like to hear.  That's the Sidmouth Choral Society way.

Some of the composers, whose work we have performed


Ola Gjeilo


John Rutter






Bob Chilcott










Alan Bullard


Karl Jenkins


Vaughan Williams

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