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Choir History


Our treasurer Brenda has let me borrow the collection of Concert Programs, Press Cuttings and Photos, going back donkey's years. I think that rather than leave this wonderful collection tucked away in a cupboard, we should have a permanent way to wander back through the history of the Society.  It will take a few weeks to complete, so do keep coming back to see what's new. It will be kept up to date with the latest concert programs, cuttings and any other documents.

This page contains a window onto the Choir History folder in our free Google Drive storage that comes with our Gmail account. That's below this text.

You can search for an item using the magnifying glass, I've put them in date order to help. The search looks for file and folder names, it doesn't look INSIDE the files themselves.

SINGLE CLICK a folder to open it, SINGLE CLICK a file to open it. 

When you have opened a PDF file (all the programs are PDF's), click the box with the arrow in it in the top right hand corner to "Pop Out" and then you can download or print if you want to.

To zoom in/enlarge a PDF file, use the big  +  key over on the right of your keyboard (not the one in the top row)

For image files (JPG etc), hold down the CONTROL key before pressing the +

Everything here has been in the public domain, so there's nothing private.

I won't put anything sensitive here.


This is a very interesting project, and I am getting the hang of it now that I've found out how to do it effectively!

It's all done with an iPhone, which has AI auto-scanning technology in the Notes app that comes with the phone. That in itself is quite remarkable, because the AI levels and straightens the image, even when its taken on a slant.

In particular, I have found out how to keep the scan to one page and not a bit of the next page beside it. So, what I'll have to do is go back and re-do most of the first ones I put on here. I've put together a "kit" consisting of black felt cloth and a bit of wood, painted matt black, to hold down pages that seem to want to curl up and distort the image.

Some of the fascinating stuff involves the businesses in Sidmouth that advertised in the program until recently. It's like a walk back through the history of the town, and the wide variety of music performed is a real eye-opener! Most programs have all the names of the choir members at that time.

(Saturday 9th March) I've just scanned from 20001 to 2024 and that lot will appear soon, I just need to process the folders and file names. Then I'll redo the eighties programs and cuttings already here, before beginning the next trip back in the past. I'll make a note of what I've done on the top of the main Members' page as usual. Should keep me out of trouble over the summer :-))


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