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All about the videos of our concerts
To watch a video, click the appropriate button below
If your device allows you to download the video, rather than stream it here, the quality and definition will be better

This whole video thing is definitely "Work in Progress", and I am learning a lot as I get stuck into it. The full video of the concert, which I recorded on my old iPhone, is a ginormous 16 gigabytes and, working with a file that size is stretching even my powerful laptop.

The situation is that I have downloaded a program (called Da Vinci Resolve) (for free!) and that lets me cut out clips to separate them into individual tracks. The first one - Handel's Coronation Anthems - took all night (thankfully, while I was asleep), and then resulted in a file a mere 1.6 gigabytes (which is still huge). I have now also loaded "O Taste and See", Kris' "Gloria", "Te Deum", "Wherever you Are", and finally the enormous "Mozart Coronation Mass". Please enjoy, but please also let me know how you get on with it.

I have uploaded them to our cloud storage, which appears in the orange window on the recordings page, but large videos don't seem to work very well from that window - a fault of the website software WIX. To bypass the problem, and be able to see the video, just click the buttons at the top. That should work because they link separately from the website.

This also means they will work on tablets and mobiles.

With regard to making them small enough to burn a DVD, and still have the quality, that's something I will work on over the summer on those rainy days. The bad news is, it's going to be a long job. The good news is, at least we have videos of the concert - and they're accessible!

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