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Music Directors Page

This page is for communications, guidance and information from our MD David Davies

(Latest will always be at the top)

Some members have had problems opening PDF documents because their devices or browsers haven't got the plug-in needed. What I have done is created a picture of the document David sent me and popped it onto a page of it's own. I hope everyone can read it ok. 


"Here come the basses as they make their glorious entrance, like a
Spanish galleon on the horizon at daybreak, floating – topsails
akimbo - on a sapphire ocean beneath the dawn of an azure sky


Notes and email from David 19/2/24

REHEARSAL - 10th January 2024

Please click the buttons below to see notes and guidance from David. For those who didn't see the first email from our MD, that's the first button. It explains what we'll be doing next and how David is going to putting information about the rehearsals on this dedicated MD page..

The second button is a detailed guide to mark up, with pencil, the various parts of the Messiah music. This includes where to breathe and where not to breathe.

At the bottom of the document is a guide to marking up sheet music, and some ways to change the sound we make.

All in all - two brilliant documents that will hep tremendously!

Because the buttons open the documents in new PDF windows, you can easily print them off.

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